Sunday, June 12, 2011

I really had a Great time in class today, because I learned how to use the Steel Stamping Set.  On this piece, that's just what I did (learned, because there are NO spaces in between words. HA HA HA HA  But I love my bracelet just the same.  The stamped words are: MUSIC IS JUST LOVE LOOKING FOR WORDS   The second picture shows the Texture I used.....Can't wait for the next project with stamping on it.  Then I can say, How Do You Like Me Now!!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Grandson's High School Graduation Ceremony (2011) Dontae Rochelle

Don't they look Proud?  Mother, Son, and Father
 Mother and Son.
 Me, Grandson (The Graduate)  NOT THE MOVIE  and the other Grandmother.....I like this picture with both Grandmothers.  Forgot to remove the sun glasses-  see picture below.  lol tee hee hee
 I had to take off the sun glasses so you will know that it's me.  lol
 Grandson, Dontae and his Father, Jamal  - Oh by the way Jamal is my son who is in the Military....
 Grandson, Dontae and his Mother, Donna (My Daughter-In-Law)
Other family members---It was such a lovely day.
The Graduation Band....

Class lining up for the Ceremony

Brother, Sister and yours truly....I wore my necklace I made in beading class. I had to get that in.  Ha Ha Ha Ha

No, we didn't have this made, He Earned it and now he will be attending College.  I believe he's going to take some type of computer engineering program.  Good luck to you Dontae, keep up the good work and hopefully, I'll be attending a College Graduation.....LOVE GRANDMA PAT